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Spend More Time Supervising Employees than Hiring Them

Administrators, department heads, and business owners are serving the company or facility best when they have the time to monitor employee performance and progress, organize schedules and develop relevant training opportunities, and maintain compliance with regulations and safety protocols. Most of that falls by the wayside when staff retention is a problem. Urgent tasks become reviewing applications and resumes, interviewing applicants, and verifying references and experience.

Once people are hired there are orientation, training, and daily routines to teach. Paperwork piles up, annual training may expire, and safety can be neglected. The supervisor now must contend with burnout. A more efficient system for managing Staffing levels is needed to move the company forward rather than sitting dead in the water.

Seeking Useful Software

The answer to all staffing solutions is not merely software, but an efficient product with easy to use functions is a wise start. Originally designed for management of recruiting agencies to allow recruiters more time to spend with candidates and clients, administrators and business owners can expect more from PRIM. Definitely compare a few software programs and include a demonstration of the version of PRIM that will best suit the needs and preferences of the company.

How It Works

Depending on the size of the business and the integration service selected, the software can be installed in a matter of days. A complex system will take one to three weeks to have installed. Information for each new company is stored in a private database for confidentiality and security purposes. An online training center is available for educating staff on how the functions operate and total capabilities. If individual training is required, that can be arranged as needed.

Two Integration Packages

A basic integration package includes all the elements needed to operate the software, such as regions of work, change of terms used, language desired, and salary/billing rates. The custom package includes added value integration functions that will increase efficiency to a higher degree. Those elements include translations, advanced web platform configurations, and cost-effectiveness reporting. The choice is solely up to the discretion of the company. Visit PRIM Software for complete details.

Work on Retention

The most efficient software products can make a huge time difference when filling vacant positions, but retaining staff is always the goal to consistently save the company time and money and provide an excellent standard of services. Check what counterparts in other businesses are doing and discuss the success of their retention program. Network with colleagues and involve staff in putting together a retention program that makes sense for the company setting and nature of business.